We service, repair and install all types of solar systems around Geelong and country areas. We install Grid, Grid Hybrid, Off-Grid Solar energy systems in the Geelong, Surfcoast, Ballarat & Western Victoria areas. We are prepared to travel to service our customers as well. The Victron range of products are used extensively for smaller DC charging systems for Tiny Homes, Caravans and small cabins
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Off grid solar system types

off grid

DC coupled 

Dc coupled off grid system – is when solar panels connected to battery via charge controller, and inverter taking energy from battery.

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AC coupled 

AC couple solar – when solar panels connected to normal grid inverter, battery in this case can be charged only from off grid inverter.

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New generation

New generation and best of the day off grid solar with ingeteam inverter. this is all in one - panels and batteries connected to one inverter

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Off-Grid Solar Battery - install best

Pylontech and Sony one of the best batteries on market according test report from Australian lithium Ion Battery test centre

Battery Battery

Off grid solar installation Timboon Victoria

This off grid solar system was installed in Timboon Victoria in 2020. 10kW of solar panels and 12kWh lithium battery bank. The cost of the system is around $24K. More information about system cost at 100UP Off grid solar australia

Off-grid solar equipment we prefer to install 

We like to use, where possible, Australian made and good quality imported products. The Ingeteam, all-in one inverter system is quite unique – there is no other inverter/battery charger quite like it in quality, price and warranty. The Selectronic SPPro inverter/charger is proudly Australian designed and manufactured in Melbourne. The Newly arrived Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery systems are also made in Melbourne and come with 10 yr warranties. 

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equipment we install : Selectronic, ingeteam , Fronius,Imark

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Our preferred solar panels brand: Trina, Winaico, Sunpower

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Recent years lithium battery became very popular and importantly long lasting and affordable solution.