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Off grid energy specialists in Geelong Victoria

Welcome to Radiant Energy Systems!

Radiant Energy Systems are - off grid energy specialists - established in 1996 in Geelong Victoria by John Budd and Phil Hapgood, We are passionate about renewable energy and have helped hundreds of Australian families achieve their green energy ideas and plans.
Radiant Energy’s Mission Statement is to provide a comprehensive service for the design and installation of solar energy systems within the Geelong, South Western Victoria and the Ballarat areas.

We do off grid solar for 23 years

John and Phil specialise in off-grid design, installation and upgrades to older systems. We both have 23 yrs experience in design and installation of off-grid systems. We can design a reliable system to suit your budget from our range of quality inverters and solar panels

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off grid solar off grid solar

I think our very first off-grid system was near Boar Gully in the Brisbane Ranges

I think our very first off-grid system was near Boar Gully in the Brisbane Ranges. The customer was a moter mechanic who worked in Grovedale – We were very excited to get the job then!
It used a 24v set of Exide wet lead acid batteries, Selectronic 1200 watt blue series inverter and a Woods 24v 40A battery charger with 8 BP 75 watt panels
The customer experimented with a clever? System of altering the tilt angle for summer/winter
Those were the days when panels were very expensive – over $1000 per panel and everybody wanted the squeeze the absolute best out of the solar charging system. I can recall years later when panel prices fell to $10/watt and we thought – how can they go lower??? Now some panels are below 50c /watt 

Off grid solar equipment and design 23 years ago and now

20 years ago off grid system usually were built with 12v led acid batteries, and would have many components: solar charge, inverter, separate charge to charge batteries from generator. Very small solar arrays as solar panels were extremely expensive. New generation system like Ingeteam now combined all functions in one inverter. Battery voltage can be up to 600V. Now we design system with large solar arrays and lithium batteries. Ingeteam off grid inverter currently one of our latest and one of the best solutions for off grid solar customers. Inverter supplied by 100UP off grid solar Australia 

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