grid solar

Grid solar

Grid connect solar and battery


We design and install grid feed solar power systems​. We specialise in designing systems for difficult locations with shade etc. We can use micro inverters or solar maximisers to reduce shading losses. We can also help you with battery backup for your grid-feed system as well

Off grid solar 

100% Designed for off grid solar energy systems. 11.5 kW AC in put for generator with two wire star. Inverter control generator start up.
Installer help here

Grid connect solar with backup  

Inverter capable to use grid as back up and export access power to the grid. Export control function is available.


Uninterrupted power supply function is available.

solar inverter

Monitorin portal

24/7 monitorin of yor solar energy system from your computer or mobile phone

Online update and alert

Solar inverter software regular updates. Any alerts will be send to nominated email

Remout access to settings

Inverter can be remotely managed buy ingeteam engineerss