Radiant Energy was launched in 1996 by John Budd and Phil Hapgood, two like-minded renewable energy buffs who wanted to provide Geelong and the surrounding districts with a high quality, technical based service with excellent customer backup.  Radiant Energy is a small two family business dedicated to providing up to date information, design, supply and installation of a wide range of renewable energy products that are family friendly and easy to use.

Radiant Energy’s main focus is grid-connect and off-grid solar power, solar water heating, composting toilet, wind turbine energy systems, solar lighting, wood heaters and BioPaints; all are an important part of our rapidly expanding business.  We particularly enjoy working with those people wishing to set-up their new/existing home for sustainable living.


Phil Hapgood

Phil Hapgood​ on 0425 803 419

​Dedicated to simplicity and independence, Phil is an accredited solar, wind and hydro installer as well as a lecturer in renewable energy systems, solar hot water, wind energy systems & photovoltaics at the Gordon Institute of TAFE, Geelong.

Phil has long been interested in renewable energy and cut his “electronics” teeth on free radio (crystal set) at the age of 11 and is an Electronics Engineer and Amateur Radio Operator (VK3ATI).

His house in Belmont has a 3 kw grid-feed/stand-alone solar power system, rainwater tanks, fruit trees and vege garden…proving that you can live sustainably right in the middle of suburbia.

In his spare time, Phil is obsessed with Old Style Lister diesel engines and Family History



John Budd

John Budd on 0488 741 962

John and his family describe themselves as environmentally conscious and dedicated to treading the Earth lightly.

After completing the Certificate of Renewable Energy Technology, John became an accredited solar power & wind installer and has worked on projects around Geelong and the Bellarine, as well as further afield across Melbourne and Victoria.

His previous house in Torquay was set up as an off-grid renewable energy display centre with solar power, solar water heating, a 24v solar powered fridge, double glazing, 24v wind generator, rainwater supply tanks, dry composting toilet, fruit trees & vege garden and a mud brick studio.

John and his family now live in Wensleydale on acreage, having hand built a house of straw bale and rammed earth construction, complete with an off-grid solar power system, solar hot water with wood stove backup in winter and dry composting toilet.  You can read more about John’s house in this edition of Owner Builder Magazine (photos included).

In his spare time, John has recently constructed a 48v DC sawbench and is working on a solar powered battery/electric ride on mower.