A day in the life of an off-grid installer

We were asked to visit a site near Bannockburn, Victoria last week. The owner believed that his battery charger wasn’t working.

I packed my trusty Woods 24/40 backup charger and headed out in the Radiant van!

The site was known to us as we had upgraded this off-grid system about 10 yrs ago with more solar panels and a new battery bank.

Sure enough, the old 20A, WEA battery charger showed no signs of life with the Lister HR3 20kwatt single phase generator gently humming in the background.  I was amazed that this unit had lasted so long.

So I unpacked the Woods 24/40 charger from the van, set it up in place of the WEA and switched it on. Yes, we have charging now!! The customer was very happy to have backupdialocharge charging once again.

So, the question was what do we do now? Install a new charger – perhaps one of those 80A Zivan’s from MPower or suggest that we look at quoting on a new inverter/charger from Selectronic.

As the previous owner was living by himself, his load requirements were fairly minimal. But the new owner had a teenage family and their loads were much more extensive. The inverter was one of those trusty Selectronic blue series 1200 watt

units and was often overloaded and switching off!! Poor thing – perhaps it was time to upgrade to the more modern Selectronic SPPro.

So, later that evening I drafted up a quote for a new Selectronic SPPro inverter/charger which can also


To This?


From this

auto-start his Lister generator. We will await, with much interest, for a reply from the customer.