Rinnai 330 litre close coupledSolar hot water systems are now so efficient and cost effective, that every home in Australia should use one! Since gaining popularity following the oil crisis of the 1970′s, solar hot water systems have proven to be suitable for both suburban and rural properties.  The efficiencies have been much improved and have created a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.  New solar hot water systems still gain attractive rebates.

Over the years, as we strive to meet our ever growing demand for energy, rather than build additional power stations, free hot water systems were given to to Victorian households. Some say that solar hot water systems don’t work as well in southern Australia as they do in the north, due to the colder winters and early sunset.  However, enough sunlight falls on Victoria and the other southern states to efficiently harness about 100% of requirement for summer and about 50% for winter.

At Radiant Energy Systems, we recommend you aim to collect around 70% of your hot water needs.  Of course, the extra 30% must come from somewhere, usually provided by natural or LP gas, off-peak electricity or from a wetback connected to a wood stove or wood heater. When a system is properly designed, you should never run out of hot water…and around 70% of your hot water would be provided from a renewable resource, the sun!

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