Schott modulesWhile the feed-in tariffs for grid-connect solar systems have decreased substantially from 66 cents to only 6.4 cents/kwhr, installing solar panels on your property still makes good financial sense.

Basically, installed in a sunny north facing position, solar panels will harvest energy that you can then use directly within your home, such as running the fridge, washing the clothes, boiling the kettle or watching television. If you generate more power than you’re using, excess energy is fed back to the electricity grid.

Of course, once the sun goes down, your energy will again be provided by the electricity grid and you will be charged for that usage.  So, it makes sense to change your habits a little and use your electrical appliances during the daytime period if possible.  Many appliances are now fitted with timers to facilitate appliance use during the day – even when you have left for work!

Radiant Energy Systems can help you establish your power needs, starting with an energy audit to work out exactly how much energy you need for the electrical appliances you have.  This is an easy to understand process that will not only establish how many panels you need and what size inverter, but will also open your eyes to exactly how much energy you’ve been using on a daily basis!

Radiant Energy Systems are able to answer all your solar grid-feed power questions and Phil and John can be contacted via phone or email.